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::About Us::

We can be contacted for special requests, feedback, queries and notification at shopgalore88@gmail.com.

Please rest assured that we take pride in our merchandise and believe in quality control. All items will be checked for defects before being sold. We hope that you will have a pleasurable time browsing through this site. We value any feedback and comments you have, be it to spur us on our services to you or to voice your dissatisfaction, so as to serve you better.

That said, purchasing our items is at buyer's discretion and we are not liable for any discrepancies you may find. Please ask all questions and clarify all doubts before purchasing items.

::How our shop works::

Pictures of our products will be accompanied with a description (such as size, length, material, how to care for product, age of product etc). we may be too busy / lazy =p to upload detailed descriptions and if you are interested, PLEASE request for more details through email! we will then take photos at all angles to your satisfaction. We entertain negotiation ( esp for frequent buyers) upon request via email.

If you want to purchase the item(s), please email us your

  1. Name
  2. Item number
  3. Transaction mode (see ::transaction:: for more details)
  4. Contact number ( if you are making transaction via meet-ups)
  5. Corresponding address ( if you are recieving item via post)

We only do transactions for customers residing in Singapore.

We do meet-ups only if buyer and seller (us) agree upon place and time. It is our preferred mode and terms are as follows:

  • No haggling for prices will be entertained upon meet-up.
  • If the buyer does not turn up after confirming the meet-up, he/she shall be blacklisted from our customer list.

We also do online transaction and terms are as follows:

  • Items not paid within 2 days will be put up for sale again.
  • We will only mail out item when money has been deposited into our POSB SAVINGS ACCOUNT 228-264-687.
  • Please allow 3 days for item to reach buyer.
  • Buyer will be informed of additional postage charges before making payment.

We accept concealed cash/cheques. However, it is at the buyer's own risk. Only upon our customer's request, will we give out our postal address to receive such payment.